The EPIC Plan

The development expertise necessary for international energy development will be provided through application of the specialist capabilities represented in the backgrounds of EPIC’s members and augmented through relationships with consultants, contractors and advisors. EPIC will lead the planning, technology selection, design, engineering, project management, procurement, construction, start-up and operation of all projects.

The financial resources necessary for the completion of international energy development programs will be provided by international project financing based on contractual commitments for Fuel Supply Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, and Fixed-Price Contracts for plant engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).

The business approach of EPIC has been directed toward securing project development commitments on an exclusive, non-bid basis. These situations are typically related to opportunities in which EPIC has access to in-place relationships with key government agencies or industrial electric power users. EPIC will develop its projects with proven and established technologies, using the BOOM concept, subject to local regulatory approval. EPIC’s projects will be designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with appropriate environmental standards and applicable law.