Development, ownership, and management of major electrical power generation projects.

Energy Projects International Company, LLC (EPIC) was founded in 1996 as a private association between William R. Mitchem and Fred W. Williams to develop, own and operate electricity co-generation projects in the United States and to provide management and consulting services for project development. In subsequent years, EPIC has evolved into an international energy project development company for gas-fired, coal-fired and waste-to-energy power generation systems as well as waste-to-energy-to-water programs.

The company is a closely-held Florida-based Limited Liability Company (LLC) with 11 active members who provide technical, financial, commercial and legal expertise and extensive international business experience.

EPIC History

During the 1990’s, when EPIC concentrated on building and developing projects in the United States, the company successfully participated in the development or acquisition of a natural gas-fired co-generation project and a small coal-fired co-generation project, both in Texas, that were sold to a major energy-sector operating company as well as a low-head hydropower project in Louisiana, and a geothermal power project in California. Clients or associates for these projects were private and confidential.

From 2000-2009, EPIC directed its primary activities toward development and consulting services for international projects in developing nations where power demand exceeds power supply. Franz Beard and Robert E. Brown joined the team as EPIC expanded its activities into renewable energy projects, particularly waste to energy.

EPIC has completed several project evaluation reviews on a paid and internal basis, for potential development projects under consideration by various interests. Reviews included evaluations of strategic needs, technology application, commercial standards, political risks, and financing structures.